Rescue Standby

At Safety Source we are proud to offer a wide range of on-site services designed to protect your workforce during challenging operations. At the core of our services is our expert technical rescue standby, specializing in both confined space and high-angle work scenarios. Our highly skilled and certified rescue teams are always ready to respond swiftly to emergencies, ensuring the safety of your workers and minimizing any potential downtime.

Safety Source goes beyond just technical rescue. Our commitment to proactive safety extends to our dedicated safety watch and fire watch services. Our vigilant safety watch personnel are trained in hazard identification and mitigation, providing an additional layer of protection for your crew. Moreover, our experienced fire watch team ensures a safe working environment during hot work operations. Together, these services create a strong safety framework, reducing risks and promoting a secure work environment.

We also offer supplied breathing air services, understanding the critical importance of clean and reliable breathing air, particularly in confined spaces and hazardous work areas. With state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians, we ensure that your team has access to high-quality breathable air, complying with industry regulations and providing peace of mind.

At Safety Source, safety is more than just a name—it’s our mission. We take great pride in delivering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of your industry. When you choose Safety Source, you can trust that our expert technical rescue standby, safety watch, fire watch, and supplied breathing air services work seamlessly together, creating a safe and protected environment where your team can work with confidence and focus on what matters most—getting the job done safely and efficiently.