Training Course :
Confined Space Entry

confined space entry training

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Location Taught: TBD
Class Duration: 8 hours

Proper hazard assessment of different types of working spaces in the basis of the course. This Confined Space Entry course covers proper assessment of different types of confined spaces, hazardous confined spaces, and the legislative requirements for entry.


This course gives participants the opportunity to receive the advanced means and knowledge to correctly identify a confined space, and the hazards, equipment and preparation required to meet the legislation. The focus is aimed at educating rescue teams or personnel working in confined spaces of their responsibilities in a confined space situation, beginning with Confined Space Legislation.

Participants learn how to identify a confined space, how to prepare for entry, how to test and measure the atmosphere, how to identify the physical hazards and what protective equipment to wear. Qualifications and responsibilities of workers prior to entry are spelled out and the necessary permits reviewed.

  • No PPE required
  • Class Duration – 8 hours